Getting access to our own financial data is still too complicated. We're building tools to make it easier.
The first step is our tracker, which gathers your expenses from all your accounts and learns to categorize them with your own labels.
Join our Beta to get smart about your finances.
Join our Beta to get smart about your finances.

How It Works

Connect your bank accounts

Connect to your bank accounts to automatically record your transactions. We only get read access, so no need to worry.

Review your transactions

Go through your inbox regularly to keep your records up to date and properly classified. We will learn from this and get better each time.

Get insights

Get a dashboard and regular updates with a properly classified review of how you're spending.

About Us


Financial Analyst

Interested in finance, analytics, surf and the outdoors. Trying to help people understand and use money better.

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Software Engineer

Enjoys writing code and outdoor and water sports. Trying to harness technology to improve people's lives.

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